Rubicon Associates are a specialist advisory and consulting provider to the Defence, Shipbuilding, Energy, Resources and Infrastructure sectors. As an independent provider of solutions in Engineering, Project Management, and Contract Management, we pride ourselves on our customer tailored approach, delivering integrated and actionable solutions.


Collectively, Rubicon Associates’ Subject Matter Experts have over 250 years of experience, with first-hand exposure to a vast number of national and international defence and commercial projects. Boasting involvement in the design, construction and integration of all Royal Australian Navy platforms – including ANZAC Frigates, Collins Class submarines, Canberra-Class, LCHs, Adelaide-Class Frigates, Oilers, Hydrographic Ships, and Minehunters – the Rubicon Associates’ team is well versed in the challenges that naval vessels incur during their lifetime.


Rubicon Associates’ focus is complex naval and maritime projects, a clearly defined field in which we have expert experience. Drawing on expertise in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Systems Integration, Cost Estimating, Asset Management, Contract Management and Risk Management, we provide full life cycle support for vessel procurement and sustainment. Moreover, as an independent service provider, our teams respond directly to the needs of our customers. This allows us to deliver responsive, independent and concept-neutral advice covering design, design review, and commercial evaluation. This approach, delivering consistently on quality, schedule, and value, is woven into our business.


We aspire to be a trusted partner of choice for maritime engineering consultancy, delivering innovative and technically refined solutions to our clients. Emphasising reliability and technical sophistication, at Rubicon Associates we build long-lasting relationships, unlocking value in assets and businesses.


In order to achieve success and excellence, holding true to our core values is of utmost importance here at Rubicon Associates.


We are committed to creating honest, ethical and fair business relationships. This value underpins everything we do.


We believe respecting one another builds trust and encourages ideas, fostering human achievement.

Social impact

We have confidence in engineers as the cornerstone of a sustainable and prosperous society. With our expertise we aspire to shape this future.


By setting and exceeding high standards in service and delivery, we build long-lasting relationships. We provide solutions together.


We celebrate diversity of our people and stakeholders, unlocking creativity and value through collaboration and varied perspectives.


As naval engineers, we are part of a proud legacy of dedication, innovation and progress. Our commitment and vision demand we continue this legacy, through technical proficiency and refinement.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients, responsibly providing expert advisory services and enabling sustained growth. We grow together.