Thought Leaders series


Thought Leaders series – Career Development and Personal Branding.

As part of our Learning and Development Framework, this month’s Thought Leaders’ session was delivered by JWPM Principal Consultant, Greg Tunny on the topic of Career Development and Personal Branding.

Principal Consultant, Greg Tunny is highly qualified to deliver this month’s topic. His own career portfolio includes positions such as CEO Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and Managing Director Thales ATM Australia and now Principal Consultant JWPM.  JWPM was one of the first Australian marketing consulting companies to differentiate between consumer and Business to Business (B2B) marketing.

Reflecting on his own achievements, Greg emphasised that we get noticed when we focus on the here and now; “doing a good job in the moment” as opposed to diverting focus to that next step.  Other insights shared by Greg include to be realistic about individual strengths, to align career to interests and to find the right Mentor.   He says “We all have innate talents, and it is up to each of us to realise our potential.”

Thank you Greg for conducting a highly engaging and inspiring session.

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