We provide through life marine engineering services and support, combining our capabilities and experience in naval architecture, marine engineering, mechanical, structural, electrical and systems and platform integration to deliver for Defence.

Rubicon’s expert consultants have broad international experience in the delivery of marine engineering projects, involving design, integration, construction, installation, and repair, operating both above and below the line.

We understand our clients’ driving requirements to ensure naval vessel fleet performance, future operability, and cost and risk optimisation.

We work in consultation with our client’s management team and/or engineers and other contractors, providing independent engineering analysis, investigation and assessment, and marine engineering services, from concept design through to construction, integration and testing.  

In addition to our engineering assessment and functional design services, we offer reliability engineering, maintainability engineering and maintenance (preventive, predictive and corrective) planning and services. 

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Our marine engineering services work hand in hand in hand with our consultancy expertise in project and program management, stakeholder management, procurement and contracts management, training and development to provide a comprehensive range of services, dependent on client requirements. 

We have multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary marine engineering personnel located across Australia, in Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Cairns and Adelaide. 

We utilise modern design and engineering software tools to support project delivery.    

Visit our Projects page for more information and to view the scope of Naval marine engineering projects that we have been involved with.

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