Cape Class Patrol Vessel

Cape Class Patrol Boats

Systems Proposals and Updates


Rubicon Associates worked with Austal to develop proposals for engineering changes across multiple systems, including the navigation systems, hotel services, fire fighting systems and electrical upgrades.  

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Armidale Class Patrol Boat (ACPB)

Remediation Project – Hydraulic Oil Systems Analysis

BMT Design and Technology/ACPB SPO

Rubicon Associates was contracted to assist in reviewing the Hydraulic Oil (HO) cleanliness procedures on board and for developing new process recommendations.

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Arafura Class – OPV

Toxic Gas Flow CFD Analysis

Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG)

In collaboration with the client, Rubicon Associates undertook a steady-state toxic gas flow Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. The CFD analysis also provided coarse, steady-state based information about local high levels of turbulence due to flow around objects.

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HMAS Choules

HMAS Choules Bay Class Amphibious LSD

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Replacement

A&P Australia

Rubicon was contracted to recommend a suitable replacement Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant on HMAS CHOULES. We completed an in-depth Engineering Assessment that studied ADF and International requirements and specific performance characteristics for OEM offered RO systems. Detailed design of the chosen RO system is ongoing and involves expert design of electrical, mechanical and structural interfaces.

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Leeuwin Class Hydrographic Survey Ship (AGS)

Hydrographic Ship Bow Thruster Systems Replacement

BAE Systems

Rubicon Associates was contracted to complete a Systems Requirements Package (SRP) for the RAN’s Leeuwin Class Hydrographic Ships Bow Thruster Variable Speed Drive and Control System replacement.

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PALUMA Class Survey Motor Launches (SML)

SATCOM System Upgrade

BAE Systems

Rubicon Associates was contracted to complete a Detailed Design Package (DDR) for the upgrade of the PALUMA Class Satellite Communication (SATCOM) equipment.

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